Developing the Idea 2.9.21

Let us talk about coming up with an idea, today. From research and observing interviews it seems that all authors have something in common. They write something that is an interest to them. They are passionate about what they are writing and that passion clear to the reader. There are a few things you can do to help you develop your idea, if you happen to find yourself stumped. Take a bit to think back about all the things that have had the biggest impact on your life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most of the time, whether it be good or bad, your story will resonate with someone who have shared similar experiences. Just be authentic. Another route could be to write about someone else and their story or struggles. You could write about a family members experiences, or a friend’s dream, or maybe write about your goals and dreams and turn them into a great work. Ask people you know what type of books they like to read and maybe start of writing single chapters at a time and ask for their approval. This is a good way to get constant feedback on your story while still developing it. Not to mention, sometimes taking on smaller tasks as opposed to one gigantic task makes it easier to carry out. Maybe you have a long-standing interest in certain topics, this can include true crime, music, art, business, or anything else and take your interest and transform that into a work of fiction, non-fiction, or an informational work. Maybe you do a web show or podcast, you must feel passionate about that topic, try creating a book based off the information and experience you already have. One interesting way to start a book is to look around at all the people in the world, people are all so beautiful and mysterious, and we all have fabulous stories. If you see a gentle human working at the flower shop one day, try to give them a narrative of your own. Their back story, their life and why they are where they are now. Maybe this person used to work on Wall Street, but the stress and anxieties of the job left them wanting something peaceful. A job where working with flowers is a constant relaxer and a place to get to know those around them. Maybe they traveled the world and the town where the flower shop resides was their favorite place on earth, and they couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Or perhaps they are in the witness protection program trying to start over and not be noticed by those looking for them. There are a multitude of ways to come up with a great idea, but if you’re having trouble coming up with an idea, just give it time. The right idea will present itself. It’s better to write wholeheartedly and passionately about something that is truly interesting to you than to dread writing about a topic that you truly aren’t that invested in, and readers can tell the difference. Either way, when you have your book written, send it our way and we would love to read it.