Getting ready for that first interview

Interviews are a big part of your marketing effort, but they come with a lot of anxiety. A great way to get your name and title out to the public is to do interviews, whether it be on television, radio shows, or newspaper and magazine articles, it can pretty intimidating. Below are a few tips to help you be more prepared for your first interview as a published author.

First off, you will get some basic questions and these normally revolve around yourself, your past, your influences and why you decided to write the book. These are best if you speak naturally and unscripted, as these are answers that you have known whole-heartedly for a while.

Second, you may have some tough questions come up, and the best way to prepare for these are do some research not only in your field, which is being a published author, but maybe some changes to the genre in which your book belongs. Genres in movies and books are constantly changing, like clothing styles and design trends. Keep that in mind and note the changes that have taken place that include more diversity, a political stance, and/or economic growth or decline that may have significant impact in your field. The more you know about what is going on in the world and how your book relates to that, even the tiniest bit, will relay a sense of knowledge and confidence to prospective buyers.

Lastly, if you are totally uncomfortable being interviewed and not knowing what questions the interviewer plans on asking, you can either ask to see the questions the interviewer has prepared, or develop your own questions and submit to the interviewer. If the interviewer agrees and send you their questions, this gives you a good chance to practice and know how you will respond to every question, so you will come off as more confident and enthusiastic. If you prepare your own questions, just remember to make them meaningful, do not give the interviewer a list of softball questions to answer. Listeners/readers want to hear your thoughts and what drives you, so be ready to open up and be honest.

Always remember that your body language says a lot, you want to appear likeable yet confident, and happy that you are there representing your book. Be courteous and respectful to those around you, because those interviewing you have a large audience they influence, which is a big potential for the sales of your book.