Tips for a Productive Workspace

  1. Create a workspace free from distraction. Set your office/workspace up far away from the TV, playrooms, and any other high traffic rooms. Don’t let animals in and keep your workspace quiet to allow for maximum concentration.
  2. Declutter! One way to amp up your productivity is to declutter your work area so you don’t have to go fishing through pens, papers, clips and knick knacks looking for something vital to your project. Give everything a place and keep it there.
  3. If you do work from home, some people work better when they know the whole house is in order and all of their chores are complete for the day. If these tasks will be sitting on you distracting you whilst you work, opt for completing those tasks prior to your project.
  4. Try bringing in a plant, a fountain, or a small Zen garden. These will need your attention occasionally but won’t be a total distraction and can be used as a small, quick escape to clear your mind momentarily.
  5. Try a calming or refreshing air freshener or scented oils, to help you stay relaxed.
  6. As we have preached before, set smaller goals and develop a smaller to-do list. Taking on small tasks at a time greatly increases productivity and makes the entire project more manageable.
  7. Be sure to take meaningful breaks. If you find yourself stuck or unmotivated, grab lunch, a cup of coffee or go for a walk around your neighborhood, or all three and comeback once you have cleared your mind.