Try these funny prompts out for a good laugh this week!

  1. “Write a story about a nanny that kept falling asleep
  2. The nanny forgets to close the door and the baby sneaked out while the nanny fell asleep. Describe what happens next
  3. The teacher did not believe that the dog ate my homework. Finish the story
  4. An alien felt so ticklish when landed on the grass. Finish the story.
  5. The mouse stole my wallet and ate my dollars. Describe what happens next.
  6. The cat jumped over the moon and the dish ran away with the spoon. Create a story out of that sentence.
  7. My family forgot that they left me at the airport. They boarded the plane while I was waiting in the boarding area. Describe what happens next
  8. A mother is obsessed with getting followers on Instagram. Describe what she did.”

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