How to write to sound more natural. 5/23/22

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Get started on your writing journey!

Writing can almost seem like a chore when you have to do it daily in order to meet deadlines. There are many steps you can take to help ease the burden and ensure that you have quality writing to deliver.

Set writing goals

By setting writing goals you can achieve as little or as much as you want and still stay on track. Writing in the mornings for 15 minutes before work or for two hours on Sunday mornings, or whatever schedule works for you helps to make sure you are meeting your weekly deadlines.

Write Daily and Early

There are plenty of people that express their comfort with writing small portions daily, it helps to make them feel less overwhelmed while also accomplishing a great deal throughout the week. Another great suggestion is to write early, write before your day gets started and there is time for you to forget.

Research and keep track of your ideas

Do some research on the topic you are interested in to make sure you are writing a cohesive piece. Be sure to also keep a pen and notepad with you to keep track of all your ideas, who knows your biggest idea could come to you while you’re at the library doing research on your topic or out with friends and just googling around.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Be sure to practice your writing and editing skills. Try to use a couple of writing prompts a week or a month to stay sharp and hone in on some new skills. This could be thought of as homework instead of work, which may take some of the pressure off.

Create an outline

Creating an outline can help you set the tone and get the overall picture and feel of what you want your writing to accomplish. Outlines can help create a structured piece of work without it seeming dreadful or becoming overwhelming, simply because you can use the outline as a checklist for your writing.