​Roy Chesnut loves reading and writing fiction, his favorite genres are Thriller, Mystery and Romance. Risk Management is his first published novel.

Roy was born in Upstate New York but grew up in the small town of Los Altos, California.  He was a top Track & Field athlete in High School and won an appointment to West Point.  He went to UCLA and earned BS and MS degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. 

He lives in Calabasas, California with his wife and has 3 children who are in college. Roy plays the bass guitar in a rock band that he formed with friends several years ago. He skis in the Sierra Mountains in the winter and spends at least one week in Mexico vacationing each year. ​Works by this author can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million

One of the best love stories I’ve read in years. Right up there with Lady Chatterley’s lover.

-Amazon Review of Venus Figurines


Risk Management

Risk Management is a sophisticated Romantic Thriller, written with smirking wit and heart-melting love as well as terror, madness and depravity. It is a story about Jack Hooker, an ordinary Stanford student whose life has been molded by the expectations of the American upper-middle class. He is dissatisfied and feels trapped. Then he meets Leena, a brilliant Russian student who was sent to Stanford by NovoRisk bank to study Financial Risk Management. They fall deeply in love. Unknown to Jack, Leena is the mistress of Dmitri. the CEO of NovoRisk. Through Dmitri, Leena is unwittingly connected to money laundering, sexual slavery and gruesome murder.

Venus Figurines

Venus Figurines is a novel about Anya and James whose pursuit of love is obsessive and ritualistic. Together they navigate the fine line between the veneration of love and the exploitation of it for its pleasures. Dark and erotic, mirthful and witty their journey crosses boundaries in ways that tantalize, as they come to know love with an intensity that is mythological. A central theme of my story is the ‘art of venerating woman’ – Venus Art. Some ancient examples of Venus Art are statuettes of women carved by Neolithic peoples, thousands of years ago. The myth of the Birth of Venus and the Renaissance paintings of Venus that follow were similarly inspired. My book continues in this tradition.