​Born in Lynn, Mass. Came home crying first three days of first grade, because a trio of third graders was beating me up, after school. Mom told Dad. Dad took me down in the cellar, hung a heavy bag and taught me how to punch, told me not to mess with them together, but follow until they split up and take them one at a time. I thought he was out of his mind. But I did it, I was six and used to obeying my dad. It worked great. Two days later, my mother was getting phone calls from irate moms about her little bully attacking their boys. Moved to Los Angeles and discovered reading. Got in trouble for reading Les Miserables in class, hiding it behind my open textbook.
Left college after one semester, when advised by guidance counselor (who was also English Comp. professor) that there was nothing else I could learn about writing in school. Events from that point to the present I am only at liberty to reveal under the cloak of fiction.Works by this author can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. Click the titles to be redirected. 



Clark disdained the wearing of precious trinkets. Then he met Vic.

Big Hand

The Elohim are seven great spirits who stand before the throne of the Triune God, creator and maintainer of the Multiverse. The Elohim are there to keep the creator from being pestered by petty concerns, that is anything that might distract his divine attention from maintaining all that exists. Nobody gets past the Elohim, oh but they tried. The most recent highly placed scare monger warned conditions in a system at the outer edge of a spiral galaxy, a couple million light years from the center, showed every indication of birthing a black hole., The third great spirit of Elohim was thinking, “so what? while assuring the petitioner a black hole team would be dispatched at once.


When star running running back, Alexander Pope, graduated from USC with a double major in June of his junior year, football coach Axel Dunwoody, three consecutive national championships under his belt, had a heart attack, Pope’s NFL career covered five seasons, five teams, five Super Bowl rings, retirement. Insider gossip hinted secret physical or mental injury. Two years later word got out he was the new host of a late-night variety program on a bankrupt cable network, setting off a storm of scornful laughter, stopping dead three days later, it was the highest rated show in the U.S. He endured open speculation with quiet good humor, not at liberty to reveal that his every move since high school had been orchestrated by his mother’s best friend.

In Tujunga

Tujunga is a mountain/canyon community within Los Angeles’ city limits, long proud to have no police stations within its borders, and the fact that little old ladies can walk its streets unmolested at any hour.