Tiffany Sparks, also known as “Lady Outlaw”, comes from humble beginnings originating in the hills of Kentucky. She is firmly rooted to her Appalachian heritage, where generations of her family have called the mountains of West Virginia home. Tiffany raised her children on a farm near the small town of Birch River, WV. She is a devoted wife and mother. She has a profound love for animals and nature. Her interests include agriculture, music, travel, and history.

Rising from obscurity, Tiffany has become a public figure and a well known female contributor within the moonshine industry. She proudly represents women among the predominantly male trade. She is the first woman from West Virginia, in the history of the legal market, to obtain a private label of moonshine. She is also a licensed WV State Ambassador for East Tennessee Distillery. Her initial product under the brand established as “Outlaw Spirits” is bottled as “Untamed”.

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A wonderfully personal and authentic account of heartbreaking circumstances. Thank you for being so raw in sharing this story.

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Tiffany Sparks takes you along for her journey throughout a lifetime of tragedy and triumph. This autobiography reveals the struggles of being repeatedly knocked down by difficult lessons, but learning how to stand up and continue walking forward. Heartbreak mixed with courage to carry on led to the transformation of an unknown woman who came to be regarded as the “Lady Outlaw”.