​Born on July 29th, 1988 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Jake Galjour isn’t your average southerner . From an early age, Jakes fascination with horror films and the supernatural have brought him both friendship and misfortune with his fellow southern community. Raised primarily by his mother, Cynthia, he eventually received a general education diploma in 2012. His interest include horror movies, new wave music and Halloween. Works by this author can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Witch Cabin

What starts out as an exciting Halloween getaway turns into a night of pure terror. Jamie and her friends Paul, Doug, Jim and Tina decide to rent out a secluded cabin in the desolate foothills of West Virginia for Halloween. Things take an unlucky turn when finding themselves lost deep in the woods due to a car accident leaving them stranded. In an attempt to search for help, they stumble upon an old log cabin. A cold and ominous feeling of dread grips the teenagers… one by one they would succumb to the evil terror that lurked within.