​James Hirschfeld was born in Melbourne, Australia. Obsessed with the darker side of fiction since early primary school, James began writing stories in the second grade. He enjoys playing music, eating cheesecake and sleeping. James devotes hours to crafting stories so obscurely compelling his family sometimes wonders whether or not he’s joined a cult.Works by this author can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.


The Eyes of Coda

Steven Marron was born with special eyes, a specialty that hurled him through a bizarre and mystical childhood. Even with the support from his sympathetic mother and closest friend Josh, he always felt as though his eyes were more of a curse than a blessing. Beginning with disturbingly vivid dreams of swimming through an endless red sea, his strange abilities caused him to fear and even hate boon in his eyes had unwillingly bestowed upon him. Especially when he came to learn the frightening truth about his dreams. As he grew, suffering from his mother’s passing and the loss of an important friend, Steven learned to suppress his so called gift and walked the shaky tightrope of his own mortality. But deep into his adulthood when his loved ones are threatened by a mysterious old man that shares the same eyes as his, Steven is forced to act. Diving headfirst into the Rabbit-hole, he sets out on a quest to face the biggest evil in his life. In search of his first friend, Steven is taken on a journey through the roots of his youth with no choice but to once again navigate the murky depths of the red sea, quickly discovering more and more about the vast and mysterious world at its surface.