Murder Mystery

All The Little Horses: A Tale of Horses, Murder & Revenge

The story begins with three girls coming together as friends in a small North Carolina town. Liz Harding’s father has come to train American Saddlebreds at Vista Farm as well as Leslie Jenkins and her father when he is hired as assistant manager. Colleen Mckean has been born and raised in Allen and is crazy about Saddlebreds. A wealthy horse owner comes to Vista Farm looking for someone to ride his horse. His inappropriate behavior with girls, especially Leslie and the innocent Colleen, precipitates as unfortunate series of events resulting in the death of one of the girls. The response of her family and the town’s inhabitants comprises the rest of the tale.

Peter Pike and the Murderous Mormons

Strange days in St. Baarlam, Illinois: Routine Dept. of Transportation excavation has uncovered a city of stone built by an unknown race and in it a flaming sword of crystal, golden tablets in an unknown alphabet, mass graves of decapitated skeletons with stakes jammed in their mouths. What does it all mean? The Mormon’s Avenging Angel, Chief Fear of the Chaddhu Nation, Aunt Paula the town mystic, crooked archeologists, a funny little DOT man who reeks of sulphur and leaves unexplained fires in his wake don’t care what it means. They just want that priceless ancient loot. And it’s up to the intrepid homeless vet and detective Peter Pike and his on-again, off-again squeeze Tina the salon owner to sort out the truth. And make it out alive. Why do they call Pike Vietnam Johnny anyway?

Philadelphia’s Nightmare on Mayfair Lane

As Jeff lay open the floor of the jail cell, having been beaten to death by the police, one drop of blood from Jeff fell upon the floor. That single drop of blood found a crack in the cement floor and made its way into the foundation of the building. At that moment something was awakened-something filled with a primal hatred and unquenchable thirst for vengeance.