Clark disdained the wearing of precious trinkets. Then he met Vic.

​​​Big Hand

The Elohim are seven great spirits who stand before the throne of the Triune God, creator and maintainer of the Multiverse. The Elohim are there to keep the creator from being pestered by petty concerns, that is anything that might distract his divine attention from maintaining all that exists. Nobody gets past the Elohim, oh but they tried. The most recent highly placed scare monger warned conditions in a system at the outer edge of a spiral galaxy, a couple million light years from the center, showed every indication of birthing a black hole., The third great spirit of Elohim was thinking, “so what? while assuring the petitioner a black hole team would be dispatched at once.

The Dancing Boy

Treat Mikkelson is not exactly a burnt-out case but he’s grown tired of his life as a criminologist, weary of memories of a marriage gone wrong and of his time in Vietnam. Trying to burn the bridges to his past, he finds and remodels a cabin on a small Pacific Northwest Island, settles down to enjoy fishing, setting his crab pot, digging for clams and documenting the lives of his island neighbors.  

Fair Game: A Treat Mikkelson Crime Novel

When the Los Santos cartel in Mexico came up with what they thought was a foolproof way to distribute methamphetamines in the United State, they didn’t figure a do-gooder like Michael Medina into the equation. After Michael is killed trying to expose their plan, Treat Mikkelson is drawn reluctantly into a harrowing investigation of the young man’s death that leads to gang warfare and nearly the death of the woman he loves at the hands of a psychotic killer.  


When star running running back, Alexander Pope, graduated from USC with a double major in June of his junior year, football coach Axel Dunwoody, three consecutive national championships under his belt, had a heart attack, Pope’s NFL career covered five seasons, five teams, five Super Bowl rings, retirement. Insider gossip hinted secret physical or mental injury. Two years later word got out he was the new host of a late-night variety program on a bankrupt cable network, setting off a storm of scornful laughter, stopping dead three days later, it was the highest rated show in the U.S. He endured open speculation with quiet good humor, not at liberty to reveal that his every move since high school had been orchestrated by his mother’s best friend.

In Tujunga

Tujunga is a mountain/canyon community within Los Angeles’ city limits, long proud to have no police stations within its borders, and the fact that little old ladies can walk its streets unmolested at any hour.

The Lamp & Lantern

The first series in the Lamp & Lantern contains ten episodes that portray a search for a legendary fictional gold mine lost in a cursed region of the northern Rocky Mountains. Along the way the cast of characters are drawn together by a common lust for gold as they reminisce about the past, speculate about the lost fortune, and share in the success and misfortune of those around them. In their pursuit of the lost mine they endure a myriad of challenges from this world and the next.
The target audience crosses between those that enjoy modern stories and television about outdoorsmen, survival, gold fever, and paranormal and unexplained mysteries. It brings many historical and modern concepts together to provide a new twist on a gold rush in today’s world. The manuscript simultaneously comments on people, large corporate deception, and greed while being intertwined with the reinvention of love in the main characters eyes.
During the first series the reader meets Jonathan Daxter, who spent much of his childhood with his grandfather and uncle searching a remote section in northern Idaho for the Lost Lamp gold mine. After growing up and moving away, Jon returns home upon the passing of his grandfather. He soon realizes that he has reached a breaking point in his career and relationship, and rekindles his long forgotten lust for the lost mine as a way out of middle class normalcy. Jon gathers a team of trusted friends and colleagues with whom he pieces together clues from stories and maps forgotten in history. Along the way they navigate through difficult mountainous terrain, encounter eccentric people, stumble upon clues lost in time, and cross over into a seemingly paranormal world lost in the remoteness and mystery of the area. In the end of the first part of the series the reader is left to believe that certain team members have fallen, others have split, and others may have indeed stumbled upon the Lost Lamp mine – and perhaps much more.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a sophisticated Romantic Thriller, written with smirking wit and heart-melting love as well as terror, madness and depravity. It is a story about Jack Hooker, an ordinary Stanford student whose life has been molded by the expectations of the American upper-middle class. He is dissatisfied and feels trapped. Then he meets Leena, a brilliant Russian student who was sent to Stanford by NovoRisk bank to study Financial Risk Management. They fall deeply in love. Unknown to Jack, Leena is the mistress of Dmitri. the CEO of NovoRisk. Through Dmitri, Leena is unwittingly connected to money laundering, sexual slavery and gruesome murder.

Venus Figurines

Venus Figurines is a novel about Anya and James whose pursuit of love is obsessive and ritualistic. Together they navigate the fine line between the veneration of love and the exploitation of it for its pleasures. Dark and erotic, mirthful and witty their journey crosses boundaries in ways that tantalize, as they come to know love with an intensity that is mythological. A central theme of my story is the ‘art of venerating woman’ – Venus Art. Some ancient examples of Venus Art are statuettes of women carved by Neolithic peoples, thousands of years ago. The myth of the Birth of Venus and the Renaissance paintings of Venus that follow were similarly inspired. My book continues in this tradition.