Jim Bordwine says, “My family has been in these mountains since the 1760’s. I’ve been interested in history and hauntings since I was a youngin’. Back then I’d rather sit and listen to my granddaddy and his friends talk about the old days than be with kids my own age. I try to keep our mountain heritage alive by tellin’ the old stories and in the living history display I present all over the South East.” This authors work can be found on Amazon.


Southwest Virginia in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains there is a rich history peppered with a bit of tragedy. The living was hard and at times circumstances were brutal. Saltville, Virginia has had a brutal past at times…from the destruction of an entire village and battles of Civil War to the Muck Dam catastrophe. Many people lost their lives resulting in many hauntings. However, there are other areas in the region that were equally touched by deaths from harsh times, Civil War and battles between the early settlers and Native Americans also resulting in many hauntings. Jim Bordwine, whose family settled in Saltville in the 1760’s has collected many tales of hauntings in that region and has shred them in this book. So sit back and enjoy the Hauntin’s Tales of Jim Bordwine, Mountain Man.