Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is a twisted tale about Jack the Ripper. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will be amazed at who Jack the Ripper really is.

The Music Box Murders

Lizzie Borden did not giver her mother forty whacks nor her father forty-one, however she did use an axe to end their reign of terror. Find out why Lizzie killed Andrew and Abby Borden in the Music Box Murders.


Almost ten years after the Jack the Ripper murders, similar murders began to occur in Whitechapel once again. Follow Aleister and Lucinda Wellington and Lucian and Victoria Anderson along with familiar characters from Forbidden Fruit and newly introduced characters as they are faced with discovering who committed these gruesome murders.  

Witch Cabin

What starts out as an exciting Halloween getaway turns into a night of pure terror. Jamie and her friends Paul, Doug, Jim and Tina decide to rent out a secluded cabin in the desolate foothills of West Virginia for Halloween. Things take an unlucky turn when finding themselves lost deep in the woods due to a car accident leaving them stranded. In an attempt to search for help, they stumble upon an old log cabin. A cold and ominous feeling of dread grips the teenagers… one by one they would succumb to the evil terror that lurked within.  

Wolf’s Blood

Rose was an average human girl living life in a small town and worrying about average teenager problems like how to deal with her mother moving on only months after her father’s death. Then the world shifts on one fateful night when Rose is bitten by a werewolf and her world begins to unravel; the people she thought to be her parents have lied to her. Rose learns that she has always been different and destined to become a new paranormal hybrid. Her entire world changes and comes to rest on her shoulders. What will she do and how will she adapt to her new life?