Paranormal PI Books

The Eyes of Coda

Steven Marron was born with special eyes, a specialty that hurled him through a bizarre and mystical childhood. Even with the support from his sympathetic mother and closest friend Josh, he always felt as though his eyes were more of a curse than a blessing. Beginning with disturbingly vivid dreams of swimming through an endless red sea, his strange abilities caused him to fear and even hate boon in his eyes had unwillingly bestowed upon him. Especially when he came to learn the frightening truth about his dreams. As he grew, suffering from his mother’s passing and the loss of an important friend, Steven learned to suppress his so called gift and walked the shaky tightrope of his own mortality. But deep into his adulthood when his loved ones are threatened by a mysterious old man that shares the same eyes as his, Steven is forced to act. Diving headfirst into the Rabbit-hole, he sets out on a quest to face the biggest evil in his life. In search of his first friend, Steven is taken on a journey through the roots of his youth with no choice but to once again navigate the murky depths of the red sea, quickly discovering more and more about the vast and mysterious world at its surface.


After working for a secret government agency, Solomon “Sol” Klugman went into business as a private investigator. He expected the business to consist of the usual insurance investigations, criminal defense and peeping through the occasional keyhole. But things didn’t work out quite that way. Klugman has a unique skill set unlike that of most other PI’s. A magical/supernatural underworld has been seeping into ours, an underworld in which creatures long thought to exist only in fairy tales or horror movies are all too real. An underworld the government is desperately trying to cover up. For reasons unknown, Klugman has an innate knowledge of and affinity for this “weird” subculture that gives him an edge in dealing with threats from it. When a young witch asks Klugman to help rescue her sister, who has been kidnapped by a criminal syndicate that employs some of the weirds to do its dirty work, he can hardly refuse her. Especially when a mysterious wizard first saves his ass from some dangerous demons, and then assigns him a “helper” in the form of a young woman who’s a shapeshifter–when she’s not working her day job as a veterinarian. Searching for the kidnapped woman with the help of the shapeshifter and a rather grumpy demon, Klugman sets off on a dangerous odyssey through that alternate reality.