D. Shortridge

​Dakota Shortridge is an Appalachian writer published in “The Clinch Mountain Review” and an alumni of Sigma Tau Delta. Dakota has a B. A. in English from Concord University and works with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Born in Welch, West Virginia and raised in Tazewell, Virginia, Dakota is a cat mom of three, as well as a loving aunt, sister and daughter. ​Works by this author can be found on Amazon

Dark! Riveting! Magnificent! These are just a few words I can use to describe the works of a powerful writer. Dakota gives us a personal glimpse of her life through love, loss and the stories that surround her father and her family. Anybody could relate to the themes that Dakota uses in her poetry and her stories. The stories alone could be better served as a novel, but the taste we are given is sweet enough to satisfy our own personal longing to understand the humanity of those grown in the Appalachia’s. I found her writing style to be captivating and engages the reader to keep reading. For anybody that is interested in poetry or great short stories, check this out. For anybody wanting to be entertained, get this book and read it yourself. But for anybody wanting to be inspired, let loose and enjoy!

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On Pain Through Love

“On Pain through Love” is a collection of writings on erotic, distorted and aggressive love. This collection questions romantic definitions through the eyes of abuse, negligence, and loneliness. How does one love when they have lost their god? How does one heal after all has been broken and taken away? Join author Dakota Shortridge in exploring these questions of healing, love, and god.