Most sane people move from the north to the south in the cold weather. Not June. She is a mature lady who after fifty years at the beginning of the cold weather moved from Florida to her home town in Ohio to be near aging family members. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from Youngstown State University (when it was still Youngstown University). June was an art teacher for several years and then a staff accountant for a CPA firm before retiring at the end of 2016.
She is the co-author of a suspense/kidnapping novel, Let Freedom Ring, published in June, 2016, by The Wild Rose Press. It received a five star rating by both readers and The Long and Short Review.This author can be followed on the following social media platforms: Facebook

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I am still enjoying this interesting time travel book on my kindle. It’s a real page turner. Highly recommend it!

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A Conflict of Time

Life throws curve balls at you sometimes. Just ask Tank Telek, a twenty-two-year-old loser, whose entire life changed in an instant. Disoriented and injured from an early morning accident where his truck was totaled, Tank was cleaning his wounds in the restroom of a local bar when he hears gunshots fired. Opening the bathroom door a crack, he sees two men shoot and kill everyone in the bar. After the gunmen leave, he calls 911. The police question him at the scene and take him to headquarters for further interrogation. Eventually, the police think Tank is involved in the crime. They tell him they found no wrecked truck where he claimed he had the accident. They also inform him the apartment building where Tank says he lives doesn’t exist. He is arrested and put in a common cell with other criminals. In the cell, Tank discusses his predicament with Dingo, a fellow cellmate, in hopes of getting someone to believe him. When Tank mentions he graduated high school in 2011, Dingo gets very offended. He asks Tank how he could graduate in 2011 when the year is only 1993. Throughout the book, Tank comes to terms with his incredible state of affairs. Because of his unique talents, he ends up working with the police to catch the gunmen; he gets mixed up with the Russian mob; and he becomes infatuated with a woman old enough to be his mother-all while trying to find his way forward to 2015.