​A.E. Vaughn leads the prototypical livelihood of a modern day middle class Midwestern American family man and corporate professional. He is a scientist by trade, where during the day he strives to utilize precise analytics in pursuit of a finite understanding of the surrounding world. After hours he transforms into an artless logician and a dreamer that believes in little, save for self-reliance and the progressive symbiosis between education, experience, wisdom, and influence.
The writing and ramblings of A.E. Vaughn portray pseudo-fictional worlds where the modern technology is readily disconnected from society to construct a world where myth and the wisdom of nature combine with uncertainty. He writes with the determination to impart a sense of escape from the modern middle class destiny, and provide hope through romanticized recounting of his experiences crossed with speculative fiction laced with science and embedded with realism.
The Lamp & Lantern trilogy exemplifies A.E. Vaughn’s primary underlying personal philosophy; that a world exists where a man discontented with modern corporate work-life can escape to a remote area surrounded by busy cities yet secluded enough to be lost on a modern map in search of life altering wealth.Works by this author can be found on Amazon


The Lamp & Lantern

The first series in the Lamp & Lantern contains ten episodes that portray a search for a legendary fictional gold mine lost in a cursed region of the northern Rocky Mountains. Along the way the cast of characters are drawn together by a common lust for gold as they reminisce about the past, speculate about the lost fortune, and share in the success and misfortune of those around them. In their pursuit of the lost mine they endure a myriad of challenges from this world and the next.
The target audience crosses between those that enjoy modern stories and television about outdoorsmen, survival, gold fever, and paranormal and unexplained mysteries. It brings many historical and modern concepts together to provide a new twist on a gold rush in today’s world. The manuscript simultaneously comments on people, large corporate deception, and greed while being intertwined with the reinvention of love in the main characters eyes.
During the first series the reader meets Jonathan Daxter, who spent much of his childhood with his grandfather and uncle searching a remote section in northern Idaho for the Lost Lamp gold mine. After growing up and moving away, Jon returns home upon the passing of his grandfather. He soon realizes that he has reached a breaking point in his career and relationship, and rekindles his long forgotten lust for the lost mine as a way out of middle class normalcy. Jon gathers a team of trusted friends and colleagues with whom he pieces together clues from stories and maps forgotten in history. Along the way they navigate through difficult mountainous terrain, encounter eccentric people, stumble upon clues lost in time, and cross over into a seemingly paranormal world lost in the remoteness and mystery of the area. In the end of the first part of the series the reader is left to believe that certain team members have fallen, others have split, and others may have indeed stumbled upon the Lost Lamp mine – and perhaps much more.