After careers as a broadcast journalist and then a public relations counselor, Saul Warshaw, at age 86, is now happily enjoying his third career as a mystery writer.  Five of his novels have been published.  Each features Will Jonas, a private investigator and former homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department.  Saul and his wife, both native New Yorkers, are longtime residents of Los Angeles. ​Click here to email Saul Warshaw.

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This book kept me interested from beginning to end! Great characters, hard to figure out mystery, and a love story. I couldn’t wait to pick my Kindle up and start to read again whenever I could!

-Amazon Review of Instinct for Survival


Bang Bang You Are Dead

When a prominent Los Angeles businessman is targeted with a series of life threatening letters and phone calls, and the Police Department’s investigation is going nowhere, the businessman hires Will Jonas, a retired LAPD homicide detective, and now a private investigator. Will’s assignment: Find the person or persons threatening the businessman. Will’s investigation, however, goes far beyond the letters, as he uncovers hidden family secrets that lead to a deadly final outcome.

The Eviction Party

The year — 1960. The start of a new decade. Driven by their hopes and ambitions, the country’s 20 and 30-year-olds are pursuing their careers, amidst the rapidly changing social mores impacting their personal and professional lives. Social unrest. The Pill. Sexual liberation, The Vietnam War. The first rumblings of Women’s Lib. Homosexuality. Minority inequality. So, how are these ambition-minded men and women doing? Find out, in THE EVICTION PARTY. The novel that takes you into their lives — where some are succeeding — and others are not.

When World War Two ended in 1945, many German Nazis tried to escape capture, arrest and conviction as war criminals by assuming new identities and fleeing to different countries.

Some of the more prominent Nazis were captured and tried as war criminals during the Nuremberg
Trials, in Nuremberg, Germany. from November 20, 1945 until October 1, 1946.

Instinct for Survival

However, others avoided capture, so in the years after 1946, the search continued. The best known of these was the capture in 1962 of Adolph Eichmann in Argentina by the Mossad, the Israeli secret service. Eichmann was taken to Israel, where he was tried, convicted and executed by hanging.

But other Nazi fugitives still remained. And in 1964, an American Immigration Services investigator, Mike Taylor, was assigned to hunt down one such fugitive.

Taylor’s search takes him to several cities, including Paris, Rome, Venice, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Munich, New York and Washington. With the help of Elke Herrman, a librarian in the War Crimes Commission of the German Federal Bureau of Records, Mike finds and follows a trail that leads to a face-to-face with the Nazi he’s been seeking. And what is really surprising is the latter’s post-World War Two identity.

Loose Ends/Mind Tricks

Loose Ends: Jail house lawyers — translate that as — convicts — trying to prove their innocence, are almost as numerous as there are inmates in prisons. And their claims of innocence are worth just about –nothing. But when a trained, accredited psychologist, who is a convicted murderer serving his own life sentence, claims that his cellmate has been framed for a homicide — Will Jonas decides to listen. Will spent thirty years as a homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, plus the last six years as a private investigator. And as he digs into this case, Will finds that not only has the convict been framed, but the framing has been done by high level officials in city government. The surprising reason why they did it. And how Will brings them down, provides a high-speed read to Justice.Mind Tricks: Not all the bad guys look like bad guys. Will Jonas know this, having spent thirty years as a homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, plus seven years as a private investigator. In MIND TRICKS, Will comes up against the sister of an LAPD police captain. She’s scamming an insurance company for a million dollar payoff because of the supposed murder of her husband. And then there’s the hi-tech scientist who decides to kill Will in order to safeguard his secret love affair with another scientist. And how about the corporate entrepreneur who takes pleasure in grinding down his employees, almost to the point of suicide? True. None of them look like bad guys. But they are. And Will knows how to catch ’em.

Manifesto/ You Remember…You Die

MANIFESTO: A psychic in Los Angeles predicts the murder of a high level government official–identity unknown. Will Jonas, ex-LAPD homicide detective and now private investigator, tracks back 23 years, and uncovers a string of unsolved murders of governments officials spread across nine states. And now, California is about to become number ten, unless Will can stop the assassin, who already has his next victim in his sights.YOU REMEMBER YOU DIE: What to do when a granddaughter claims her grandfather was murdered a year ago? And what’s her proof? Well, her grandmother told her so! Will Jonas, a retired homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department and now a private investigator, starts an investigation, and before you can say, “private eye,” Will ties a mid-1950’s killing directly to the grandfather. He also finds evidence that the grandfather really was murdered. But Will’s biggest challenge comes when the mastermind behind these murders decides it’s time to eliminate Will.

Three Will Jonas Mysteries

Over My Dead Body, Will Jonas, a private investigator in Los Angeles, could be excused for feeling he’s fallen into a time machine.Simultaneously, he has one client who wants to die, but only after Will is able to verify the truth of the man’s deathbed confession — a confession that will rip apart the man’s surviving family.And Will has a second client. This man is already presumed dead and gone by his family, since he disappeared forty years ago. But now he’s back, looking for a place in the family household. Only problem is…the family doesn’t want him back. Remaining dead looks good to them.Shuttling between the hospice where the dying man is, and the hilltop mansion of the fellow who’s family wishes he would have stayed dead, it’s Will at his best, as he works to get everyone on to the same page…or at least in the same time zone.Killing MemoriesHow would you like to read — in the secret diary of your dearly beloved and dead grandmother — her confession that she and her lover killed her husband?That diary entry brings two very concerned grandchildren to Will Jonas, a Los Angeles private investigator and former LAPD homicide detective. Their plea? Find the truth! Our grandmother cannot have done this.Finding that truth brings Will right up against a present-day dirty New York cop –and his father, also a cop — who handled the original homicide investigation 40 years ago.The more Will learns, the greater the danger, as both generations of dirty cops are determined to keep the truth buried.A Killing BusinessWhen the economy is in lousy shape, and someone kills a rich businessman, you’re not supposed to applaud. After all, a murder is a murder, even if the dead guy may have gotten rich by not being such a nice person.A series of rich folk killings is unfolding in Los Angeles. And the parents of one wealthy victim — their son was murdered six months ago — aren’t satisfied with the progress being made by the Los Angeles Police Department.So they’ve retained Will Jonas, a private investigator and former LAPD homicide detective, to find out who killed their son.Will uncovers a link between this killing, and others spread around the Greater Los Angeles area. And as he pulls these links together, they lead to an unlikely killer and his equally unlikely assistant.You could say, they’ve got an unusual business strategy that’s…a real killer.

Where’s Nina?

A Russian born grandfather, now living in Los Angeles, is worried about the sudden and unexplained disappearance of his beloved granddaughter. A Russian Mafia leader also is worried about the granddaughter’s disappearance because of the secret mob information she downloaded from his computer. Enter Will Jonas, private investigator and former Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective. His job: find the granddaughter. And protect her from the mobsters who want to kill her. It’s a deadly race to answer the question….WHERE’S NINA?